English at Whittingham C of E


At Whittingham C of E Primary School, it is our intention to recognise the importance of the English Language in every aspect of daily life. We give the teaching and learning of English the prominence it requires and as such we are currently developing and refining our provision in English responding to the changing needs of our children due to the COVID 19 pandemic and a series of ' lockdowns' where not all children have had face to face learning for extended periods of time.


We will structure the lessons so that prior knowledge, revision of facts and key knowledge are built upon.

We will ensure that revision and introduction of key vocabulary and skills is built into each lesson.

We will ensure that children have the opportunity to apply these skills and language during the lesson.


We want the children to develop a love of language and exploring the exciting world of Reading, Writing, Spelling and Phonics.

As the children develop their vocabulary these will be displayed throughout the school/classroom for children to refer to during the lesson.

We will measure the impact of their learning through key questioning, child led assessment and summative assessment.


We are so proud of the excellent standards the children reach by the time they leave our school and the progress made in each year group.We continue to have high standards of writing and are proud of competitions we have recently had success in at local and regional level.
Our focus this year is 'Reading For Pleasure'. We have a new library space and also have a termly reading at home challenge. Winners of the challenge are taken on a trip to Barter Books where they choose two books to take home and enjoy followed by a hot chocolate in the Barter Books cafe.
Through the British Library and Seven Stories Museum children had the opportunity to take part in a 'Cook Your own Fairytale' session. Micheal Rosen retold the story of Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm.
We learnt about What is a Fairytale and how they are usually short and told all over the world, travelling by word of mouth and through books.
We had tips from Micheal Rosen about how to write our own fairytales. Allen Fatimaheran then gave us an art tutorial and we drew our own forest setting.
Beforehand, we had written questions to Micheal and Allen and we found out that Micheal's favourite fairytale is 'The Raj has big ears'. Allen's was 'The Juniper Tree". Micheal even answered our questions:
Q -What is your favourite poem? 
A- Down Behind the Dustbins.
Q- Do you like chocolate cake? ( Micheal has written a very famous poem about chocolate cake).
A- I do, but my favourite cake is fruit cake.
We are looking forwards to  'cooking up' our own fairy tales after this very inspiring morning.
Resources to support parents - 
For resources regarding our Read Write Inc Phonics Scheme please see separate page which can be found -
Parent Guides for some of the resources we use in English are listed below: