KS2 SATs, KS1 optional SATs & Phonics Screening Check information

1st April 2024
KS2 SATs (Year 6)

The KS2 SATs exams for Year 6 will take place between Monday 13th May - Thursday 16th May. Throughout the year, we have discussed this frequently as a class and have been preparing for these tests for quite some time to ensure that the children are informed, prepared and confident to do their very best and shine.

Attached to this email is the Government's information document for all parents/ caregivers of children in Year 6 so that you can be informed regarding these tests too. Despite sending this to you, as ever of course, if you have any questions or concerns beyond this information then please feel free to get in touch with me.



Mr Charlton

KS1 optional SATs

The KS1 SATs tests this year are optional as your child was assessed formally for Government data tracking at the end of their Reception year. Like many other schools across the country, we have decided to take up the optional KS1 SATs as part of our summative assessment that would occur towards the end of this half-term in school anyway. As in previous years, the children aren’t told that they are being assessed and the tests are done in small groups with their usual members of staff.

Please see the attached Government document that aims to inform you of these tests. As ever, should you have any questions beyond this provided information, then please contact Miss Lazenby.

Phonics screening check

In year 1, children are formally assessed on their phonics knowledge and use. This is called the Phonics Screening Check and this will take place within the week, starting from Monday 10th June. The children will be tested on a 1:1 basis with Miss Lazenby as their Class Teacher and so will be familiar with both the content and staff conducting this test. The Government have issued an information document for parents/ caregivers of Year 1 children about the Phonics Screening Check, which is attached to this email.

Should you have any questions beyond this provided information, please contact Miss Lazenby who is able to explain the test and all that it entails further should you need it.