Year 6 Easter Revision Homework

As you know, you have been doing a lot of hard work this half term in preparation for your tests after Easter. It doesn't make sense to let all that effort go to waste now! So, just to keep you ticking along, I have set you some tasks for the holidays. You have been given a 5-a-day maths booklet to complete, as well as completing the final tasks in your CGP SAT Buster books. These are extra web pages that are useful revision tools. These will help prepare you for all of the SATs tests you’ll be taking in May.
It is your responsibility to think about what you need to work on and spend some extra time on that. You need to spend more time on the things that you find difficult (even though it might be fun to spend time on games). Doing a little of this work every day is the best way to revise and will also leave you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself  - which is also very important!
Have a lovely Easter holiday!
Mrs Fletcher