Photos - Making Sparklers at forest school and digging for worms!

We had great fun today learning about bonfire night safety. We talked about wearing gloves and staying with a grown up if we use sparklers because they are hot. Then we had a go at making our own sparklers with a basic introduction to 'lashing' using pipe cleaners and sticks. We covered so much Maths, Expressive Art and Design, Understanding the World and Health and Self care.
We learnt how to safely use a garden hand fork to dig! We are really good at following the rules that keep us safe and we know how to carry the tool, walk with it safely, pass it safely and we understand that we have to be in a space to use it where we can't touch anyone else. These are brilliant skills for the children to learn at this age and they will become used to hearing 'tool talks' which will be very important as they become older and start to use tools like loppers, billhooks, saws and knives further up the school.