Internet safety and mental health awarenss

As part of internet safety in early years we talked about when we might use the internet, maybe on our parents phones or a tablet etc. We looked at things that are ok to share with people online such as the colour of our socks but decided things that are more personal such as our names and addresses we shouldn’t share as we don’t always know who we are talking to. We also discussed how our mummy’s and daddy’s can keep us safe with parental controls to ensure we are doing things that we are allowed and most of all that keep us safe.

As part of mental health awareness in Early Years we focused on how important 'good friendships' are. We watched an astronaut in space and she told us lots of facts about space and also read us a story from space. We have all drawn a rocket and coloured it in and made it our own. Next we started building our rockets in groups so we can fly away to space. This showed us we can work together as a team and take each others ideas into consideration, all good skills a good friend needs.