Amazing animals visit to Early Years and Class 1

As part of our 'Amazing Animals'  topic we were very lucky to have some amazing animals visit us for the day. We got to see - a Leopard Lizard, a Gecko, a Blue Tongue Stink, a Royal Python, an Owl, a Scorpion, a giant Rabbit, a Tenrec, Giant Snail, Cockroach, Tortoise, a Chilean Rose Tarantula, a Tree Frog, a Giant Millipede and a Boa Constrictor.

The children were given the choice if they wanted to stroke or hold the animals and lots of children were very brave!

We had a lovely day and will be sharing some of the work we create from after this wonderful visit.

Following our fantastic visit in Early Years we have been choosing pictures from the day that we would like to write about.