October 2021

Stem fest and celebrating Space Week.
Early Years had great fun finding out about the first landing on the Moon! They did a crater experiment and a bubbling planets experiment too. Class 2 created their own prototypes of machinery to pick up object from the surface of the moon.They discovered facts about Mars and also listened to the moon information gathering communications whilst discussing what foods could be transported to the moon.
Our Year 5 and 6 Football team returns.
We are pleased to be accredited as a Music Hub School. Pictured is just some of the specialist support the children across the school receive for music.
As a school we celebrated raising awareness of developmental language disorder (DLD) in school on Friday 15th October. We all came to school dressed in the colours yellow and purple.
Early Years did some communication activities and soon found that how things were said, speed, words we used really made a difference. We had to follow instructions and listen carefully to colour our pictures in.