World Mental Health Day - Wear yellow to support Mental Health

We wore yellow in school today of remind ourselves of the importance of the charity, Young Minds. We took part in lots of activities to promote well-being and happiness as well as discussing the important messages; ‘ It’s good to talk’ and ‘It’s ok to not be ok’.
We celebrated 'giving racism the red card' as a school and we all wore something red, in early years we focused on how we are the same and different too. We shared this lovely story, there is a video link of the story we shared if you would like to see it at home.
Afterwards we talked about how we are the same - we all come to Whittingham School and live in Northumberland and then we talked about how we might be different - some of us have a brother and a sister, some of us like the colour green best and lots more! We then talked about how it does not matter if we are different.