November 2021

In Early Years we celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali - the festival of light. We watched a short video to tell us what Diwali is and how it is celebrated. We had the chance to dress up in traditional Hindu clothes, make Mandalas and Rangoli patterns using gems, lentils, seeds and chalk on the ground. We also made paper lanterns and Diva lamps out of clay, we will paint and decorate these once they are dry. What a lovely day we had looking at a celebration that another culture celebrates every year.
We also found out about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot and we created some wonderful firework pictures to decorate Mrs Arkle's hatch just in time for our special bonfire lunch!
In Early Years we also enjoyed hot chocolate made on the fire in forest school and talked about fire safety.
As a school we celebrated parliament week. In Early Years we looked at the ABC of parliament, we talked about how Boris Johnson is our Prime Minister and that decisions are made in parliament. We then decided to have a democratic vote in our class by voting for our class story, we all took a turn to vote.
Reading Dog Jess returned to our school today.
Mrs Arkle’s delicious Bonfire lunch. 
On Remembrance Day we remembered all those that had fought in the war and those that sadly died. 
Odd Socks Day- Anti-Bullying Week. 
We started off the week with Odd Socks Day.
In EYFS as part of anti bullying week we focused on kindness and how we can be kind and talked about what kindness is. We made these wonderful hearts and we all said what we thought kindness was and or an example of kindness and the grown ups wrote these on their hearts.