Home School Learning Offer for Early Years ( Nursery and Reception) updated January 2022

Please see the file below with Early Years home learning tasks and activities for the half term. 
Please note all tasks are for Reception children plus phonics and maths that will be sent separately. Nursery children are not expected to do all of the activities, you may pick the ones you think will suit your child best. 
Please also remember we do have access to the Oxford Owl website as a parent for books using the link below and username and password have been sent via tapestry. Please just drop me a message to check which books will be best for your child if your child is absent for a period of time.
Any questions please just ask,
Mrs Marsden
Please see the link below for EYFS home learning for Spring 1 if your child is off due to isolating. Please do just ask if there is anything you are unsure of.
You might also be interested in completing some of the Space activities as part of 'Logo Lift Off!' Take a look and find out some more about Space at the same time. https://www.logoliftoff.org.uk/activities/?utm_source=EM&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HS_UKSA_Janemail_activites&utm_term=HS_SE&gator_td=zkRNQPxTgwPKt0qQCXuADUuLob1z5F3J71uyeJxcxnAg8EZLBhO5BtaPHmNKfQqHSVD7jfuqSZkWN9c7cwi14J5XsCF%2f%2fcgcgr77NtCK3qwd%2fnMw3nvocSqlIFU4BD%2fW%2fBNGcEd4yOCR1FWkzoCRgt7OX2VfdxVruUgubD5pLTROX6U3%2f7lt3Mj9IyZeTE4YdmVJRgoKxq9lweQBanOZanlgRmrGKhRDAokSy1pKbyD9d07vnNfG4qLV3i3AxRw%2fZcEjbeST64Yms8qnUrG9Wg%3d%3d
Please remember to use the grid above for some of the tasks we had planned for in school alongside below. Home learning will be updated daily on here as well as on tapestry for 8.30am. Any questions, please just ask.