Home School Learning Offer for Class 1 ( Year 1 and 2) updated February 2022

Home Learning Spring 2 2022
While we appreciate that there are no class bubble closures if a child is off due to COVID we do ask that children remain at home until Day 6 (after a negative test on Day 5 and Day 6).
As children may need to be off at different times please follow the instructions below:
Maths - Teaching slides and pages from your Child's power maths books will be saved below this message daily. 
English - Please see CLPE Home Learning pack below based on a book called 'Moth' as this ties in nicely with our animals topic. There is also a You Tube Clip of the book read by the author herself. https://youtu.be/bh8vyeU-J_o 
5.4.22 Topic lesson - Science 
We have been learning about animals including humans. Today I would like the children to explore more about animal groups. Begin by discussing your Childs favourite animal, think about which animal group it belongs to - reptile, amphibian, fish, mammal or bird. Watch the video linked here -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6deDFbpz9E to find out more about the details of animal groups and how animals are classified. Next, draw the animal you have chosen and label it with the features that identify it as being from that particular group. This can be repeated for your pets or other animals you may research and find interesting! 
Spring 1 home learning 
Welcome to Class One's Home Learning Page
This page will be updated regularly with lessons and activities that mirror the lessons taught in school. English and Maths will be uploaded separately but all other subjects are saved in the document below. 
I have attached our class timetable so if your child is off school and able to learn from home then this can be followed as closely as possible so they keep to their daily routine. 
If you have any questions or queries please contact me on class dojo. 
Miss Trafford 
Schools vs. Climate Change 
From Monday 10th January we will be taking part in the schools vs climate change challenge. Ask you will see in our home learning pack the children will be participating in 'snap a bug'. We will also be looking at ways that energy can be saved at home and school.
Please see the message below for how you can sign up at home. 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Your child has been invited to represent Whittingham Warriors in a national school competition, to take climate action. Planet Super League works in partnership with more than 50 professional football clubs to help promote climate action (you don’t have to be a football fan to get involved).

Schools vs. Climate Change is an online competition where children, teachers, families and stakeholders of the school compete against other schools in a fun, online competition to see who can score the most ‘green goals’.Green goals are scored by completing a variety of activities, which can be completed as an individual, as a class or at home to inspire changes that, collectively, can have a big impact on the planet as well as scoring goals for our school to become the School vs. Climate Change champions.

When is the tournament?
Monday 10th January 2022 - Sunday 20th February 2022 (6 weeks).

How do I get involved?
There are over 100 activities to do on the Planet Super League website, including: Trying a meat-free meal
Active travel to school, work or the shops
Making posters to remind people to turn off the lights

There are activities across several categories, some educational, some fun, some impactful and others simple and effective everyday behaviour changes.

Sign up for free now at planetsuperleague.com
Click Sign Up
Enter your email address and a password
Choose your favourite (or most local) football club
Select Northumberland Local Authority from the search bar/dropdown
Select Whittingham Church of England Primary School ( we may also be known as Whittingham Warriors) from the search bar/dropdown

Choose a fun Team Name
Start scoring green goals!
For more information visit: planetsuperleague.com/schools to see our FAQs.

Autumn term home learning 
29.11.21 Home learning 
Hello everyone, 
I hope you are all staying safe and warm at home. I understand that a lot of our families are having trouble with electricity, heating and the internet but if you are able to complete some of the home learning below that would be fantastic. 
For our activities please look at our Autumn 2 home learning document and choose lessons from this weeks subjects. 
English - Please choose and complete one of the activities from the How to Find Gold story PDF above. 
Maths - Please complete the activities saved below. 

Best wishes,

Miss Trafford
30.11.21 Home learning 
Today we can continue with the work set from yesterday as theEnglish is planned to cover a full week of learning and the homelearning pack on the website is enough work for 5 weeks.
If you are unable to download these activities then the followingcan be practiced;
We have been learning the story 'How to Find Gold' Ask your child to draw a story map of the key events. Can they now write thestory using the story map as a prompt?
Ask your child to finish the story - what do they think the endingcould be? Remember to use wow! words (adjectives) that couldmake your writing more interesting.
Number formation 0-20
Letter formation of lowercase letters a-z
Using the sounds in your Childs spellings to write a sentence ofyour or their choosing.
Play bingo for numbers 1-100
Find as many numbers that can be used to make 100

If you are able to complete any of these activities then pleaseupload a picture either on your Childs portfolio or through aprivate message.

Best wishes,

Miss Trafford
1.12.21 Home learning 
Hello everyone,

for your home learning tasks today I would like you to complete;
English tasks - I will send screenshots of the task activity page onhere as I have had feedback to say that thisis easier to see thanhaving to download it.

Science - We have been learning about objects and theirmaterials! How many materials can you find in your house? Why might an object be made from that material? Can you think of the properties that we discussed in school? To extend - can you think of and carry out an experiment to test how waterproof/durable/bendy/transparent it is?

History - we have been learning about the Great Fire of London! Can you recall the key events? Can you write these down or draw them in order? To extend - we have been learning about the diary of Samuel Pepys. Can you write a diary entry imagining that you are Samuel Pepys during the time of The Great Fire of London?

Again, please only complete this work if you can and let me knowif you have any more questions or concerns.

Best wishes,
Miss Trafford
Hello everyone,
If you can, please complete the following from home today -
English - Please continue with the activities that had been set from Monday - these are the screen shots that have been sent to you via a private message.
Maths - I will take photographs of and upload pages from our maths workbook which can be completed on a plain piece of paper.
Y1 Handwriting - Please practice correctly forming the letters i, n, m and d.
Y2 Handwriting - Please practice correctly forming and joining the letters 'om' and 'on'.
Art - As I have said in a post below, we have been learning about The Great Fire of London and have been producing artwork to reflect this. Can you create a piece of art inspired by the fire and flames?
P.E. - Today we would have been taught by our Newcastle football trainer so If you have a football at home why not practice and show off the skills that you have been taught already?
More detailed activities are uploaded whenever we have children who are off isolating but who are well enough to learn. See below: