Home Learning Resources 14 day quarantine pack -September - December 2020.

Please find links to our 14 day quarantine packs which you may use if a class bubble needs to isolate, your family needs to isolate or to help you keep learning if we are updating our website.
We are updating and changing them as required.
Please also follow online learning https://classroom.thenational.academy/schedule-by-year and any further activities as directed by your class teacher. Please note these learning packs are recommended by the government and registering to some websites may be required. however, there is no charge and you will not be asked for your card details.
Best Wishes, Belinda Athey - Headteacher.
In Early Years we use Tapestry to communicate with families and share work. There are lots of exciting challenges for the children to do if they happen to be off. If you have log in issues please let Mrs Marsden or Miss Dick know and they will help rectify the problem.