Early Years ( Nursery and Reception) Class Page 2021-22

In Early Years the Class Teachers are Miss Dick and Mrs Marsden and we are supported by Mrs Manners.
Our first week back in Early Years was very busy, we have been playing outside in the glorious sunshine, we had great fun playing parachute games and we thoroughly enjoyed Forest School, we had to find our new forest school friends and loved meeting them all! We found natural resources to make self portraits too!
This term we are very fortunate to have a specialised music teacher come into school and work with Early Years. We had so much fun in our first week. The instrument we looked at was shakers and we loved using the big piece of lycra to try and keep a pattern and work together to the songs we sang. We can't wait for our next session!

This half term we have started learning our Read, Write, Inc sounds!  So far we have learnt m,a,s,d,t,i,n,p and g!

We have been practising forming our sounds in lots of practical ways including paint, chalk, loose parts and in the sand and gloop! We have also been matching initial sounds to objects and words and have also been learning to read simple words which include the sounds we have already learnt, such as – sit, pat, map, man etc.

Here are some of the photos of how we have been learning our phonics; you can also see lots on Tapestry! We are really excited to begin to write our sounds in our books as we develop our fine motor skills!

We celebrated stem fest festival, the focus was ‘space’. Earlier in the week we found out a little bit about the moon and that Buzz Aldrin was one of the first men on the moon! Today his son was one of the guest speakers, we listened to him tell us what it was like watching his dad go to the moon! 

We did a science experiment earlier in the week, we looked at the moon. We watched a clip when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969. We then decided to find out about moon craters and predict and investigate which balls would make the biggest craters if dropped. We all agreed that we thought the bigger the ball the bigger the crater, we tested this out by dropping the balls one at a time onto our moon( a tray of flour) and we were right, the bigger the ball the bigger the crater! The children really enjoyed this.

We also did another science experiment, it was a bubbling planet experiment, we looked at the planets and we chose to make Mars. We all took turns to use the pipettes to drop vinegar onto our model planet and watch it bubble and fizz.

To end our day we did a just dance moon jump dance video, great fun and great dancing from everyone!

We are so proud of our segmenting skills. Look at how we can make words with our magnetic letter sounds.
On Friday 15th October as a school we celebrated raising awareness of developmental language disorder by coming to school wearing yellow and purple. We started our day by watching a short clip of somone who has DLD and it showed us what it is like for them. We then played a game where I gave them lots of instructions and if they couldn’t follow the instruction they had to put their hands up. Sometimes my instructions weren’t clear or loud enough, or I gave too many instructions at once, or I used words that the children didn’t understand such as femur instead of leg, or I didn’t use hand gestures. We then realised that volume, speaking clearly, giving short clear instructions, using words that we know and understand as well as gestures are really important. It made us realise how communication is important. Later on we then went onto colour a picture by listening to instructions one at a time, this again made us realise listening is really important and that the instructions need to be clear and if we don’t understand we can ask.
In our first week back after half term we celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali; the festival of light. We watched a short video to tell us what Diwali is and how it is celebrated. We had the chance to dress up in traditional Hindu clothes, make Mandalas and Rangoli patterns using gems, lentils, seeds and chalk on the ground. We also made paper lanterns and Diva lamps out of clay, we will paint and decorate these once they are dry. What a lovely day we had looking at a celebration that another culture celebrates every year.
We also found out about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot and why we celebrate bonfire night every year on the 5th November. We made some lovely firework pictures which we showcased on Mrs Arkle's hatch just in time for our special bonfire lunch!
We also made hot chocolate in our forest school fire pit area and learnt about fire safety. 
On the 11th of November we remembered those that had fought in the war and those that sadly died, we made poppies to remember them.
As part of anti bullying week we focused on kindness and how we can be kind and talked about what kindness is. We made these wonderful hearts and we all said what we thought kindness was and or an example of kindness and the grown ups wrote these on their hearts. 
for Rainbow Laces day we all dressed in lots of different colours and participated in some of our favourite outdoor PE games.
As part of Schools versus climate change in early years we looked at recycling and reusing things. First we shared a story to show the importance of recycling our rubbish. We then had pictures of different items and we sorted them into the correct recycling bins.
Our topic this half term (Spring 1) is amazing animals. We have done some super writing, including labelling of animals, labelling and writing sentences about The Tiger Who Came To tea and some fantastic what am I writing. We wonder if you can have a go at guessing the animals?
We decided to make some penguins too, we love how they are all so different! We displayed them for all our parents to see!
We have been learning about Chinese new year and what people do to celebrate. We are very lucky because Mrs Arkle cooked us a special Chinese New Year lunch. We made lanterns, Chinese numbers and decorating the tigers as it is the year of the tiger. We also decorated Mrs Arkles hatch with them. We also learnt how to say happy new year - "gung hoy fat choy." We talked about how the celebrations are very similar to our Christmas and Diwali!
We have been learning to add by combining groups together and use the part whole model too.

This week has been a busy week as we looked at internet safety amd mental health. As part of internet safety in early years we talked about when we might use the internet, maybe on our parents phones or a tablet etc. We looked at things that are ok to share with people online such as the colour of our socks but decided things that are more personal such as our names and addresses we shouldn’t share as we don’t always know who we are talking to. We also discussed how our mummy’s and daddy’s can keep us safe with parental controls to ensure we are doing things that we are allowed and most of all that keep us safe.

As part of mental health awareness in Early Years we focused on how important 'good friendships' are. We watched an astronaut in space and she told us lots of facts about space and also read us a story from space. We have all drawn a rocket and coloured it in and made it our own. Next we started building our rockets in groups so we can fly away to space. This showed us we can work together as a team and take each others ideas into consideration, all good skills a good friend needs.

As part of our 'Amazing Animals'  topic we were very lucky to have some amazing animals visit us for the day. We got to see - a Leopard Lizard, a Gecko, a Blue Tongue Stink, a Royal Python, an Owl, a Scorpion, a giant Rabbit, a Tenrec, Giant Snail, Cockroach, Tortoise, a Chilean Rose Tarantula, a Tree Frog, a Giant Millipede and a Boa Constrictor.

The children were given the choice if they wanted to stroke or hold the animals and lots of children were very brave!

We had a lovely day and will be sharing some of the work we create from after this wonderful visit.

Following our fantastic visit in Early Years we have been choosing pictures from the day that we would like to write about.

Here are some pictures of the children in their wonderful world book day outfits, lots of different characters have come to Whittingham - Peter rabbit, shark, Snow White, the gruffalo, Zog and Olaf. Lovely to see what great books you are all reading. We loved hearing about why you’d chosen who you were dressed as.

We have enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday as part of our RE and of course this involved making (and eating....) yummy pancakes! The children were great at measuring and making the pancakes and we had a go at writing shopping lists of ingredients along with choices of toppings! The children also enjoyed a special worship where a puppet helped us to understand what Shrove Tuesday and Lent means to Christians.
We were lucky to have lambs visit us to help us learn about new life at Easter time!
We have been enjoying the sunny weather while we are at Forest School! This week we were looking at signs of spring. We worked hard to record what we could find by mark making, drawing, labelling and writing lists. The children compared flowers looking at differences and similarities. We saw lots of fantastic caring attitudes this week, some of Reception even labelled Nurseries pictures so that they could remember what each flower was that they had found. We also saw children helping when they knew the name of a plant!
We celebrated National Numeracy Day in school on Wednesday 18th May. In Early Years we had various maths activities set up for us all to complete. We really enjoyed measuring everyone and seeing how much we had grown since we measured ourselves in September!
Early Years were very lucky because Mr Manners came with his wagon from Manners Transport. We asked Mr Manners to come in as our topic has been transport and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to look at a different form of transport. I don’t think any of us had seen inside a wagon before!
We all had great fun and thanked Mr Manners for his time. We then watched Mr Manners leave our playground and he sounded the horn to say goodbye!
As a school we celebrated the Queens platinum jubilee. We dressed in the colours red, blue and white and everyone made such an effort. We talked about why we were celebrating the jubilee and we had a disco and a party tea, we had great fun!
We have enjoyed a trip to Aln Railway as part of our transport topic!
Visiting our local library in Alnwick!