Early Years 2020 - 2021

Welcome to our Early Years class page! We are so excited to continue our learning adventure with some returning children and lots of new children! 
Early Years is taught by Mrs Marsden. The children are also supported by Mrs Manners, Mrs Lewis  and Mrs Waugh. 
If you are a parent or carer of a child in EYFS please don't forget that most updates and photos are published on TAPESTRY very regularly along with details of your child's learning, next steps and progress. We will also upload occasional photos to our website so that those who do not have a child in EYFS can still see what we have been getting up to!

If your child is off due to COVID 19 there will be activities set on Tapestry. There is also an overview in the Early Years section of our Home Learning part of the school website.
We are so pleased that everyone is back to school after some of us have been home learning since January. We had a fantastic week first week back!
Even when some of our children are learning from home some wonderful creations are being made!
This week we have been beginning to explore our environment. We have been investigating the resources we can play with and making friends! We have spent most of our time outside!
The children have continued to settle into Early Years. We are so proud of them! For some children this is their first time ever in any kind of Nursery setting and we are all having so much fun. The children have been doing lots of mark making this week and we have been writing our names. We think we might have some very creative children in our class, the transient art area filled with loose parts is proving very popular!
We celebrated European languages day in our class by coming to school in non-uniform. Children could either come to school in the colours of a flag or dressed as a theme of a country, we even had some Greek togas!
We managed to learn how to say "hello" in five different languages - Spanish, Polish, Italian, Greek and French. We also had great fun decorating and making some flags. We had a lovely day!
Continuing to develop our mark making!
On National Poetry Day we focused on the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider. We were fantastic at singing and acting out the rhyme. We went onto make our own spiders in our craft area. The children had great fun making these and playing with them around the classroom and outdoor area.
We celebrated 'giving racism the red card' as a school and we all wore something red, in early years we focused on how we are the same and different too. We shared this lovely story, there is a video link of the story we shared if you would like to see it at home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDuTr8au24c
Afterwards we talked about how we are the same - we all come to Whittingham School and live in Northumberland and then we talked about how we might be different - some of us have a brother and a sister, some of us like the colour green best and lots more! We then talked about how it does not matter if we are different.
At the end of anti-bullying week we all came to school wearing odd socks to show that if we are different it does not matter. We sorted some socks into the correct matching pairs and decorated our own odd socks. 
We joined in with the rest of school to take part in the Santa dash wearing our Santa and Christmas hats. We all manged to complete two laps of our school running track!