Class Two (Year 3 and 4) Class Page 2023-2024

PE - Netball
Developing our passing skills.
Forest School 
Today we we learning the timber hitch knot. We found this useful for tying around cylinder objects such as logs and poles. 
We are learning about the characteristics of the Blues.  We enjoyed creating a poster about the features of blues music. 
In Science we are learning all about Animals, including humans. We are looking at our skeleton in the next few sessions. 
English: learning all about adverbials of time and place using an image game to help us.
RE - thinking about the promise God made not to flood the world again by sending a rainbow. We thought about our own promises as we coloured in our rainbows. 
Tag Rugby
Today we have been learning to develop an understanding of how to defend using tags rugby rules and how to keep the ball away from a defender, maintain possession and move with the ball. 
The Wizard of Oz
Spring 1 
In Science we are becoming scientists and learning all about States of Matte. We will be grouping materials according to whether they are solids, liquids or gasses. 
Practising our handwriting skills! 
Fun in the snow! 
In Science, we are learning all about States of Matter. Yesterday we did an experiment to see if all liquids behaved the same. We used ketchup, different kinds, to see which one would be the best to use on a hotdog. 
Learning all about Egyptian Hierarchy in History.
Having a quick 10 minute multiplication game this morning. A fun and engaging way to learn our timetables.
Using games to help us with our multiplication knowledge. 
Learning all about perimeter in Maths this morning. We took the trundle wheels for a walk and measured different areas of school. 
In science , we looked at how the water cycle works. We created our own mini water cycles by using coloured water in a  zip lock bag. These are now attached to the classroom window ready for us to watch the cycle in action.
Working hard in English this morning, learning all about determiners. 
Learning all about embalming and mummification, just as the Ancient Egyptians did. 
Day 1- how is our fruit looking after being embalmed??
Word Book Day in Class !
This half term as part of our PE, we are learning yoga. The children will deepen their understanding of yoga and how Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. They will develop their physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. They will build their knowledge ladder using balance, flexibility, 
 co-ordination and  strength which will support their social, emotional and thinking skills. At the end of each session will will do a small meditation using mindful techniques of being in the moment.  
Today we explored some new poses and what they can stand for: 
Warrior - Strong                             Chair pose - Brave                            Down dog - Friendly 
Tree Pose - Kind                             Forward fold - Humble                      Cat pose - Resilient
We then chose 3 poses and applied them into a flow of pose using our breath work in and out each pose.                      
Rota Kids 
Art - April 
We have been learning about popular cultures within art. We’ve researched the history of pop art and famous artists, looking closer at Andy Warhol’s work. 
We had so much fun this afternoon learning all about how our lungs work. In PSHE we are learning all about first aid and how to help people, today we talked about Asthma and how some people have difficulty with their lungs at times. This was a great session and we all had so much fun.
June - Glendale Agricultural Society Day 
Transition day! 
We had great fun exploring our new learning environment, working with Mrs Fortescue, Mrs Chisholm and Miss Forrest as well as our new classroom friends. 
We created a time capsule box which ww have decorated in our photos to see how we will develop from the start of the year to the end of the year. We also put in a height chart, our predictions for the year, a newspaper and a life journal with ideas such as our current favourite things and what we are grateful for. 
We also had some science fun and made some Lava Lamps! We finished off the day with a nice game of Knick cricket. 
We all can’t wait  to be year 3s and Year 4s.