Class Two (Year 3 and 4) Class Page 2023-2024

PE - Netball
Developing our passing skills.
Forest School 
Today we we learning the timber hitch knot. We found this useful for tying around cylinder objects such as logs and poles. 
We are learning about the characteristics of the Blues.  We enjoyed creating a poster about the features of blues music. 
In Science we are learning all about Animals, including humans. We are looking at our skeleton in the next few sessions. 
English: learning all about adverbials of time and place using an image game to help us.
RE - thinking about the promise God made not to flood the world again by sending a rainbow. We thought about our own promises as we coloured in our rainbows. 
Tag Rugby
Today we have been learning to develop an understanding of how to defend using tags rugby rules and how to keep the ball away from a defender, maintain possession and move with the ball.