Class Two ( Year 3 and 4) Class Page 2022-3

 Class 2 is made up of Year 3 and 4 children. Mrs Thomsen is the class teacher supported by Mrs Lamb and Mrs Chisholm.
“This is so much fun”.
”Can we do this again? This is cool.” 

Class 2 had so much fun doing this activity this morning. 

We are learning all about adverbials of time, place and manner. We will use these in our Newspaper article that we will be writing next week. 
To help us with our learning and understanding, we used these visual clues to put sentences together that included all of our adverbials. 
Science - October 
In Science the children are learning about light source and reflections.  We enjoyed taking our science outdoors today and recording our findings whilst in the yurt. 
Forest School - October 
Linking our science today with forest school we created shadow with a partner and added features to the shadows. We also read 'The owl who was afraid of the dark' and designed some owls from natural resources. 
Greek Head Busts - October 
This half term we have been learning lots of exciting facts about The Greeks.  We had lots of messy fun making Greek Head Busts! 
Sewing time! 
October 2022
Music - Violins 
This term Year 3 and 4 will be continuing to take part in the First Access Music Project and are learning to play the violin.
Newcastle Building society came to school to talk to us about managing money. We learnt the value of money, where it is made and how to maintain a budget and savings. 
Rememberance Day
January 2023
Maths - multiplying by ten and one hundred 
January 2023 
PE - traditional dance 
The Gay Gordon’s highland dance.
English - Crime Investigation
We arrived at school to find a crime scene in our class. We spent the morning  investigating the area, noting all that we could see to help the investigation using the 5 /W/ - who, when, why, what, where. 

Today in maths we are learning to multiple by 10 and 100. 
RSBP Big School Bird Watch.
Applying punctuation to our writing. 
March ~ Design & Technology
Exploring magnetic games.  
Design & Technology 
Drafting our magnetic board games designs. 
Once we drafted our magnetic game, we began to design our games adding measurements and details.  
Design & Technology ~ beginning to create our magnetic game. 
Fabulous Fractions! 
Science  Week 
 Science Boffins came to school today to share some fun science experiments with us. We had so much fun! 

 Using our 5 senses, our brains can be  tricked into all sorts of illusions for example when rolling one marble with our eyes closed and crossed fingers our brain can think  we were rolling 2 marbles and when smelling a pear with our eyes closed and eating pineapple our brain can think we were eating pears as the smell of the pear is more  predominant. 
LTA Tennis Youth Schools Event at Alnwick Tennis Club. 

We learnt all about first aid on Friday afternoon. Ashleigh came into school and taught us lots of different things. 
Class two have had the privilege of taking part in an amazing RAF STEM challenge this morning. We are learning about the job of an engineer. What an exciting opportunity. 
Class 2 arrived safely at Ford Castle yesterday for their residential. A busy afternoon was had by all and activities continued into the evening. Some photos from Day one can be found below. 
Day 2 at Ford Castle and lots more activities. Zip wire and Aeroball so far today. 
Our last morning at Ford Castle. Lots of tired faces today, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. This morning saw us problem solving, using our senses on a sensory trail, shooting some arrows in archery and Orienteering.
We our now playing games and waiting for our bus home. See you all soon.