Class Three (Year 5 & 6) Class Page 2022-2023

 Class 3 are Year 5 and 6 children. Mr Charlton is the Class Teacher and is supported by Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Morris.
Robinwood residential information
Please find below the link to the Robinwood website as used and talked through at the Y5/6 Robinwood Residential meeting on the 4th May.
In addition to this, there are some further documents that were also shared at this meeting that can be found below for further information.
As ever, if you still have any query then please feel free to speak to me in person or via Class Dojo.
Many thanks,
Mr Charlton
Forest School 
Our Harvest!
October - Forest School
Today we stripped the willow and weaved it around our fire pit fence using the left over leaves to  insulated the hedgehog house. 
October- Class Assembly where the children shared their learning so far, their research about UNICEF (our class charity) as well as perform their self-written rap about climate change. They were fantastic!
November 2022
Forest School
Developing our skills with the tools and creating Autumn mobiles and Christmas decorations for our open day. 

We have been developing our understanding of computer systems and how information is transferred between systems and devices. We have considered small-scale systems as well as large-scale systems. We are looking at the input and output and process aspects of a variety of different real-world systems. We also  are taking part in a collaborative online projects with other class members.  
Year 5 and Year 6 sports leaders learning new playtime games to share with children at break times.
Christingle service 
December 2022
Christmas Lunch 
December 2022
Cinderella Rockafella 
Class 3 have had a fantastic dance day with Meta4Dance. 

We learned about contemporary dance, floor work and the hip hop culture as well as choreographing our own dance sequences which we shared with our parents at the end of the session. 
Here are some of the thought from the children at the end of the day…
Tilly.        “ I found today great fun and I really like how we have created something together” 
Eliza      “ There was an amazing engertic atmosphere” 
Jack.      “ We were able to express ourselves through dance” 
Calumn    “It was really fun and I enjoyed the energy” 
Lily.          “ We learnt the history of hip hop for example ‘crews’  and how graffiti can be part of hip hop plus where it originated from.  I also liked that we had to communicate and work with different people in our  class that we would maybe not normally choose to work with” 
Emily.     “ I enjoyed creating the duets and new dance routines from contemporary and hip hop styles. 
January 2023 
Maya Mask Clay Tiles 
Today we wrote a draft a newspaper report based on a real-life event. Our task was to report on the breaking news  that many indoor swimming pools are closing down. We ‘went’ ‘ to Willowburn Leisure Centre Alnwick to create a report. 

Today we identified and explained a composer’s point of musical influence. Our context today was Hip-Hop.
Design & Technology
Designing our vehicles. 
PE - Netball 
 Today we were learning how to defend. We up developed our marking skill while keeping on the balls of our feet. We also were learning how to mark a player in a variety of ways and intercepted the pass. 
Computing March 

Creating media - vector drawings. 

Today we began to create and change images using the zoom tool to help add detail to our drawings. We also used the alignment grids and resize handles to improve consistency. 
Creating  media - video editing
We created short videos in groups. We developed our skills of capturing , editing and manipulating videos. We investigated the use of devices and software to create our videos. 
Writing our “ coronation” inspirational messages and attaching them to our  positive tree. 
Forest School 
Creating King Charles framed natural portraits.