Class Three 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Class Three. Year 5 and 6 are taught by Mr Charlton  Monday - Thursday and Mrs Chisholm on Friday, supported by Mrs Morris
The first of our transition activities. Our local Secondary School asked the Year 5 and 6 children to contribute to a pom pom rainbow which all the feeder schools will add to encouraging our pupils to think about equality and diversity as they start the next step in their exciting journey through school. This album will be added to over the next few weeks.
Keeping ourselves fit and healthy - enjoying netball skills March 21
World Book Day 2021
Big School BirdWatch 2021
December 2020. Continuing to have lots of fun while we learn and keep fit... and enjoy our Christmas Lunch.
November- Class 3 Pupil Parliament Week. We debated whether there should be stricter laws regarding animal cruelty. Pictured are our pupils who were voted ‘Best Debater’ and they win their own Pupil Parliament T shirt! 
November 2020 - Class 3 have made a fantastic start to their Remembrance poppies.
September - PE Cricket
In Science we are learning all about Classification. This week we have been coming up with our own ways of classifying animals; based on their similarities and differences. These are our classification keys.
Our current History Topic is 'Crime and Punishment through the Ages'. Today we have been in role as Romans, acting out a robbery of silver plates and glass flagons from a town house. The suspected thief, a local stall holder, was summoned to court, but in the end they were found not guilty... it was actually the town house owner's slave who sold them to the stallholder. The slave was ordered to be flogged by the court. 
As part of our 'Crime and Punishment' topic, we have been learning about the Legacy of the Romans. We have been finding out all about the gruesome, harsh punishments that were given for crimes in Roman times. Did you know that if you killed your own father you would be tied in a bag of snakes and drowned?
Today we have been making Curse Stones - if the criminal who committed a crime could not be found, the victim would make a curse stone to pray to the gods to inflict terrible consequences on the criminal! 
Everyone made a super effort for European Languages Day  - Well done Class Three!
We are very lucky to have our school guinea pigs, Ant and Dec, living in Class Three. We take very good care of them and love to have a cuddle when we finish our work.
In Class Three we LOVE to read! We have been very lucky to have hundreds of lovely new reading books bought for school this September. Our class library is so well stocked, we need bigger bookshelves!

In Science we have been learning about classifying animals in groups. When a new species of animal is discovered, taxonomists observe its characteristics to decide how to classify it. We have been imagining we have discovered a new creature. The children each drew a picture of a new animal and created a fact file detailing its characteristics. They had to think about what group of animals it would belong to, including the characteristics of that group.

Enjoying the Autumn sunshine on our beautiful field during the Daily Mile.
Class Three start every morning with a run around our school field to wake our brains up, ready to learn!
How lucky are we to start the day in such a stunning place!

Today is National Poetry Day!

We have been writing our own Metaphorical poetry, based on the poem 'Moon Thoughts' by Moira Andrew. Our poetry was inspired by things we find in nature. 

The moon is a ripe pumpkin

waiting for Halloween teeth.

It is a yellow gumdrop

sucked enough to see through.

It is a slice of lemon

souring a ginger beer sky.

It is a brass button

lost from a sailor’s jacket
In English we have been learning The Highwayman Poem by Alfred Noyes. 
The children have become reporters this week - scripting a television news report on the death of Bess and The Highwayman. They have interviewed each other in role as local witnesses of his crimes and also people involved in the capture of the Highwayman. 
We have also learned to recite the poem ready for our class assembly. 
Well done on our first class assembly of the year Class Three! I am very proud of how hard you have worked this half term - have a lovely holiday!
Big School BirdWatch 2021