Class 3 (Year 5 and 6) Class Page 2021-22

PE is on Wednesdays and Thursdays and so the children will require their full PE kit on these days.
Spelling patterns to explore words for as well as times-tables for the week will be given out after the children's weekly tests on Thursdays. The children will be expected to also read each night (10-15 mins would be great please) and log this in their reading record book. Maths and English homework will be given each week as well as a half-termly project homework task that will link with the children's Topic work for that half-term.
As ever, we are always here to support children and parents alike, ready to celebrate achievements and sort any concerns that may arise. Please feel free to contact us as necessary via Class Dojo.
Mr Charlton & Mrs Fletcher
Welcome to class 3, taught by Mr Charlton (Monday-Thursday) and Mrs Fletcher (Friday) and supported by Mrs Morris.
September - In Year 5 and 6 we have the opportunity to join the Alnwick Partnership of Schools Football League.We are especially pleased that this has resumed following the COVID 19 pandemic.
November and December.
Class 3 were great in their discussions about equality this week as part of our whole-school focus on Rainbow Laces Day. They did themselves and the school proud within their discussions of diversity, equality, tolerance and respect and how there should be no place for discrimination with comments such as, "We're all human so we should treat each other in the same way no matter your differences," and, "It's part of our British Values and way of life."
We also enjoyed our Santa Dash on Friday 10th too - it got us more in the festive spirit!
In Science this half term we are learning about Light. Class Three have been designing investigations to prove that light travels in straight lines. 
We have also played 'pass the light' using a torch and carefully placed mirrors to allow light to travel from one end of the classroom to another. 
Thank you to everyone who sent in cereal boxes. Class Three had a lot of fun using them to make their very own Periscopes using mirrors. We have been learning all about how light is reflected by a mirror. 
Class Three were very lucky as they got to take part in a special live stream event hosted by Seven Stories. Children's illustrator Axel Sheffler showed us some of his amazing illustrations - including his original designs for The Gruffalo! He then taught us how to make mini books. The children really enjoyed sharing their stories with each other and adding illustrations in the style of Axel.
In Science this week we have been learning about Refraction of light. 
We looked at how a pencil seems to bend when it is placed in a glass of water. 
We also managed to reverse an arrow using only a glass of water. Great investigation work Class Three!
In RE we have been learning about different denominations in Christianity. Today we became the teachers - we each became an expert in one denomination and then shared our expert knowledge with our group. 
In Science this week we have been learning about Newton's Theory of Colour. We have been investigating refraction of light using prisms, creating beautiful rainbows around our classroom. We have also made our own colour wheels that show the colours of the rainbow combine to create white light. 
How We See Colour
Today Class Three have been experimenting with colour. We know that we see things a particular colour because they absorb all other colours in white light and reflect the one we see. We have been creating our own filters using primary and secondary colours to see which colours they allow through. 
We've had lots of fun in our final Science lesson of the half term. Today we have been learning about how shadows are formed and have used our understanding to create and perform with shadow puppets. The children made their own scripts based on well known children's stories - do you recognise any of our characters?
Year 5 & 6 enjoying their football match against Longhoughton. 
Our KS2 children are taking part in the North East Festival of Languages. We are learning to perform the song 'Small Part of the World' using British Sign Language. We will share our performance with you in the next few weeks but here are the lyrics and the song for the children to practise at home if they wish. 
As part of British Science Week we have been learning about growth in plants. We have been finding out what seeds need to germinate and grow into healthy plants. We have planted sunflowers seeds which we will be growing at home. 
We made the most of the beautiful spring sunshine today by hunting for signs of new life around our school field. We also created 'Art from Nature' using natural items that we scavenged. 
Today Year 5 and 6 shared their presentations for Global Recycling Day. They had completed research about the impact of our rubbish on the Environment and ways we can help. They made excellent, persuasive presentations - super work Class Three!
In Science we are learning about Electrical Circuits. Today we have been making series and parallel circuits using cells, bulbs, switches and motors. We are also experts at using scientific symbols to draw circuit diagrams. 
Easter Egg Hunting!
Fun at Forest School!
May - Mental Health Awareness Week. 
This week the children took some time to sit and still in nature and share their qualities. 
May - Level 2 Bikeability
We had the fantastic opportunity, organised by the team at Life Centre, to take part in a live online chat with Abdu, Toni and Christian. They told us all about their amazing STEM jobs in Marine Biology, Robotics and Paleontology. The children were able to chat with them and ask any questions they had about their jobs.
Class Three Life Centre Science Trip
Class 3 mixed cricket team took part in a cricket festival  at Alnwick Cricket Club.