Year 5

Dear Parent/ Carer,
Please find further support  for you and your child's remote learning here. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on Class Dojo and we will keep in touch with you throughout the next 14 days.
In addition to the CGP maths work books you already have at home, below you will find the worksheets for our White Rose Maths and also the links to the video lessons. Please watch the lesson first then complete the worksheet.
We have started off with a recap of the lessons on multiplication and division.
Don't forget to upload photos onto Class Dojo of your completed work! 

Year 5 Home Learning Links – Multiplication and Division - Multiples - Factors - Common Factors - Prime numbers Activity - More Prime Numbers


Video Links for White Rose Maths lessons 7-10
Lesson 7 -
Lesson 8 -
Lesson 9 -
Lesson 10 -
If you find  your Multiplication work super easy and finish quickly work through this home learning pack or follow this link and complete a  daily '5 a Day'

A useful resource to support you with maths.
In addition to your CGP English book, reading, spellings and grammar on Sumdog. Work through the English activities in your home learning pack and/ or your spellings in you RWI spellings book if you have brought it home. Attached below is also a list of suggested writing ideas as on your timetable  as you are expected to do 1 longer writing task per week. If you run out of things to do complete the English Activities in the back of the Home Learning pack.
Topic Ideas
Please remember that remote learning isn't all about Maths and English! As it mentions on your timetable, afternoons are to be spent on the wider curriculum. As we have written on the timetable there is a daily link to Oak National Academy topic work or why don't you take a look at the class topic letter and see what we would normally be up to?
During Summer Term 2020. Staff updated the whole school curriculum. We are proud of the changes made and believe that it is a vibrant curriculum that should inspire our children. Please see link below for further information.
You also might want to look on the Class 2 14 day bubble page for Anti Bullying activities.
More PSHE ideas.
More Science Ideas
Something a little easier?
We know that due to school not being open to all pupils in the Summer Term the children have missed learning time. They have done brilliantly well, making progress while they have been back in school working with us but if your child does find the work set a little hard they can try the activities in the  pack below.
Something a little harder?
Have a go on some of the activities in the class above.
Don't forget ...
Don't worry if you don't get all the work completed. Be kind to one another - in school your child is taught by people who specialise in teaching, your speciality is being a parent and this is something relatively new. Message us on Class Dojo if you need any help or support.