Class 2 ( Year 3 and 4) Class Page 2021-22

Welcome to Class 2 (Year 3 and 4).
Class 2 are taught by:
Mrs Thomsen and 
Supported by HLTA, Mrs Chisholm. 
Welcome Back Class Two! 
Reading - 
Please hear your child read for 30 minutes each night and record this in their reading record.
Spellings - 
Each week  (usually Monday) your child will be given a spelling pattern to research and to learn. We will be encouraging the children to research the spelling pattern and find new words with the pattern and bring them in to add to our spelling wall which will be added to throughout the week.
There will be a formal spelling test every Monday but we also expect learnt spellings to be used in the children's work throughout the week.
We would also like your child to develop their spelling fluency by regularly going on Sumdog Spellings and also making sure they can read and spell the lists below.
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation -
We will continue to use the CGP books to reinforce the skills needed in Year 3 and 4.The children will be expected to complete 2 pages per week.Your child will be asked to record the pages they need to complete and there will also be a message on Class Dojo. Homework will be handed out each Friday and needs to be returned to be marked the following Thursday. For additional practice please ensure your child goes on Sumdog Grammar and Sumdog Spelling.
Maths - 
Our maths homework is online based and we will continue to use Maths Flex. Work is set on Mondays either each week or fortnight ( depending on the amount set) for your child to complete.
In Year 3 and 4 we place great importance on learning x tables so there will be tables set to learn each week and this will be informally  tested throughout the week during lessons and during the formal test once a week on Mondays.
Remember, the National Curriculum suggests that by the end of Year 3, children should be fluent in the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables, and then by the end of Year 4 it's those tables plus the 6, 7, 9, 11, 12. If at all possible we try to learn all our x tables in Year 3 so that Year 4 is spent on fluency, speed and accuracy.
For additional arithmetic practice please ensure your child goes on Sumdog Maths.
Specific homework tasks are set each week via Class Dojo. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries.  
If your child is off school for a period of time and is well enough additional work will be sent. Please see the Home Learning Section of our website for this.
September - Class 2 enjoyed creating Stone Age Cave Paintings using charcoal. 
Class 2 Photo Gallery
Here are photos of just some of the wonderful learning experiences we have on offer in Year 3 and 4. Keep scrolling down as we add to this gallery month by month.
September - Class Two have been working really hard in Maths this week. Great job rounding numbers Year 4 and Year 3 have been making three digit numbers using a range of concrete materials. Well done everyone!
September -In Science we are learning all about keeping our bodies healthy. This week we have been finding out about what makes a healthy balanced diet. Here we are sorting some of our favourite foods into the 5 main food groups. 
September -In computing we have been learning fundament programming concepts and  creating  codes using the Ozobots. Great fun ! 
September- The Stone Age 
The children recreated pots that Nomadic people would have used to store their food.
We had a lovely messy afternoon! 
The children have been thinking about their favourite parts of school as part of their involvement in our recruitment process for a job share teacher and created this presentation in just one hour!
Some of the children will also informally interview our candidates. Here are some of our ideas for questions so far -
Class 2 are lucky enough to be involved in hoping to gain the John Muir Award. Four Challenges lie at the heart of the John Muir Award, Discover, Explore, Conserve, Share.
We will be spending four days  working with Bridie from Mudlarks to achieve the award.
The first day was spent at Alnmouth Beach. 
We took a walk up Bracken Hill and observed the local area using our senses. At the top we took some time to enjoy the view and drew a sensory map using our 5 senses. This was quite powerful especially the silent drawing. 
Enjoying experiencing stillness and being at one with nature. (video clip) 
After discussing our maps and the key geographical features we returned to the beach to recreate the landscape in miniature on the sand. 
Finally we took part in a practical conservation litter picking activity. We collected all the litter we could see and discussed where it may have come from, why it’s important to pick it it and the impact on our Oceans and wildlife. 
Week 2 of the John Muir Award.
Rock-pooling at Boulmer Beach and finding about the geology of our coastline.
October 2021 National Space Week
Class 2 created their own prototypes of machinery to pick up object from the surface of the moon.They discovered facts about Mars and also listened to the moon landing communications whilst discussing what foods could be transported to the moon.
October - Developing our skills in our violin lesson ( video clip) 
October - John Muir Award
Week 2 at Boulmer Beach...
October - Class 2 have been looking at what some houses would have looked like in different periods of the Stone Age. We discovered during the Mesolithic times circular structures made from wooden posts and animal skins were used for their homes.
We had so much fun creating our Stone Age Tepee! 
We also discovered that during the Neolithic period the houses began to develop into rectangular shape and were constructed from timber using wattle and daub for the walls and they had a hatched roof. They also built  round houses creating a stone base. They were built into mounds of rubbish known as midden. Midden could include small stones , shells mud and animal bones ( yuk!) 

We enjoyed creating miniature villages using a variety of houses during our Forest School session.
Developing our Forest School Skills. 
We used the loppers to trim some willow then weaved the willow into our fire circle fence. 
October -John Muir Award Week 3 ~ Druridge Bay. We identified different types of tree species, learnt about migration and created our own National Parks in sand. We are learning so much from this experience! 
Great fun had during our lunch break !
October -We are part of the Great North Music Hub and Class 2 are part of a whole class music ensemble. We are learning to play the violin.
Harvest Festival - November 
Our Final day of The John Muir Award 
Acrostic Poems and postcards describing our experience of The John Muir award. 
Class Two have been keeping fit in school. We take part in the daily mile every day and have been enjoying using the outdoor gym equipment during break times. We are also having weekly Friday Football sessions with Ben from NUFC. Keep up the great work Class Two!
Rainbow Laces Day - 8th December 
Today we took part in rainbow day dressing in bright clothes,  wearing rainbow laces and taking part in activities supporting inclusion of LGBTQ+ In sports and fitness. 
We enjoyed Making our Christingles and sharing our service in church. 
World Book Day - March 
We love fractions! - March 
March - Fair Tales with Michael Rosen and Allen Fatimaharan. 
March - Year 3 & 4 girls enjoying playing a football match. 
March -There has been stories of The Green Man told for centuries and across many countries. Whilst he can mean different things to different people, he often represents an environmental guardian and keeper of the forest. The Green Man represents rebirth and new growth.
The children listened to the story of The Green Man and created their own interpretations of what the green man might look like. 
March- Class 2 took part in level 1 bikeability. We enjoyed our day and developed our skills Ned experience to cycle safely and with confidence. . 
March- World Book Day. Class 2 came to school dressed as they chose and a fun day was had by all, celebrating the importance of reading. 
March British Science Week. 
Junior Stem Robotics
Today we used our engineering skills to build a machine out of Lego. We wrote an algorithm to control our robotic machines. We loved it! 
Gases, liquids and solids.
lots of fun learning about evaporation. 
March - Maths 
We love fraction, 
April - English, Newspaper Reports 
“Breaking news! 
A developer has bought the land beside Whittingham Primary School to construct a  housing development . The access will run across 2 agricultural fields and through the woodland area! “ 
The children carried out some role play, each being a developer, builder, reporter a member of the public to debate the pro and cons of the site. 
May - Maths 
Identifying angles on our School yard.
National Numeracy Day 
As part of our Platinum Jubilee celebrations class 2 joined in a art session with Rob Biddulph #DrawWithRob, we drew a corgi! 
Class 2 children receiving their awards during achievement assembly.