Class 2 2019-20

Class 2 is made up of 30 Year 3 and 4 fantastic pupils. Mrs Fortescue teaches Monday morning, all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs Athey teaches Monday afternoons and all day Friday. We are supported in our class by Miss Clark and Mrs Chisholm.
Making our Christmas Wishes ...
Sumdog Stars!
Class 2 Residential to Ford Castle.
Mrs Athey has been up to mischief during Zero Waste Week and what a mess she has made! We have collected 698 used bags of crisps for our Walkers Crisps re-cycling project.
Marvellous Maths with Mrs Fortescue.
An amazing opportunity - taking part in BBC Music Day - Big Sing at Alnwick Gardens.
Class 2 PE - Netball.
PE - Tri Golf and Computing