Class 1 (Year 1 and 2) Class Page 2021-22

Welcome to Class 1! 
Miss Trafford is Class One's teacher and Mrs Lewis is our teaching assistant. 
Class one is made up of year one and year two pupils.
Please use this page to follow our learning adventures this year! 
Reading - 
Please hear your child read each night and record this in their reading record.
Spellings - 
Our children follow the Read, Write inc scheme for phonics and spelling. Each Friday your child will bring home a list of spellings which they will be tested on the following Friday. These words will have been carefully chosen to match the sounds that your child is learning in phonics or in their spelling lessons. 
We would also like your child to develop their spelling fluency by regularly going on sumdog Spellings and also making sure they can read and spell the lists below. Your sumdog login is inside your child's reading record. 
Maths - 
Our maths homework is online based and we will continue to use school jam. Work is set each week for your child to complete and matches the lessons that have been taught in school. Year two children will also have times tables sent home each week to practice for a test on Friday. 
Autumn 1 
Our first week back! 
We have had a wonderful week getting back into the routines of school and meeting new friends. 
The daily mile 
At Whittingham we love to stay fit and healthy! The children run the daily mile everyday, they get very excited to run each day and can't wait to get onto the track and get going. Below are some quotes from our children about the mile.
'It makes me feel so healthy! My heart is beating quicker after I've ran!'
'I can concentrate more after I have been running.'
'I feel my legs get stronger and faster everyday.'
'I challenge myself to run for longer.'
'If my friends are feeling tired I'll run with them to encourage them.'
This weeks story - Rabbityness by Joe Empson
This week we have been reading 'Rabbityness'. The children have been reading and writing about the story and we have found that the art work makes us feel a lot of different emotions. We were so inspired by the art work that we decided to make our own! 
'I feel so happy when the rabbit makes music and all the colours are in the forest.'
'When the rabbit disappears the forest is sad and grey.' 
'I am adding lots of primary colours to make a happy picture for the rabbit.'
'I am so excited to see all the rabbits playing music and making pictures at the end.'
Signs of Autumn 
With Autumn just around the corner, we went for a walk around our school field to search for signs of the new season. We were very excited to find that a lot of leaves had begun to turn beautiful shades of red, orange and brown. We are all very excited to observe and compare the changes over the coming weeks. 
Autumn 2 
After School Club - Art & Computing 
We enjoyed creating Poppy Field pictures in remembrance for Armistice Day.
Football practice 
We have so much fun in our Friday football sessions with the Newcastle United football trainers! 
They are teaching us many skills for how to play a successful game of football including; dribbling, passing and ball control. 
Below are some quotes from our KS1 children; 
'I love keeping healthy outside!'
'I play football at a club and at school, I'm going to be a professional.'
'Football practice is my favourite part of the week.'
'When we get outside I get so excited to learn football!'