Class 1 quarantine pack - updated March 2021

If your child need to isolate, please follow the guidance below to direct you on which learning tasks/ activities your child should complete.


Maths English, Science and spelling tasks will be uploaded daily to this page by 8:30am for you to access separately as these will be set to match the current sequence of lessons that the class is doing. 


The learning tasks/ activities for the subjects in the linked document can be completed in any order and on any day. Your child should complete one task from each of the subjects at some point during their isolation time. Should you wish to complete further tasks, then these can be done from any subject, but a nice mixture would be great.


Please upload your work/ photos of your work to our Class Dojo so that I can monitor, assess and support where appropriate.


Should you have any queries, please contact me on Class Dojo or contact school directly.


Miss Trafford