Class 1 2019-20

Welcome to Class 1's page! We are a happy and outgoing class who always try hard with our work and enjoy our days at school. Here you will find lots of pictures of what we get up to throughout the week. 
Feeding our chickens.
Mrs Athey let us have a go on our new running track on Wednesday!
In maths we have been learning about addition. We have used counters to help us create number sentences for addition, as well as creating number sentences with the total at the beginning. 
We have been learning how to play tag rugby on a Thursday afternoon with the Newcastle Falcons. We all love our rugby PE lessons and enjoy all the games we play! 
In science we have been learning about the weather and the seasons. We made rain gauges to collect the rain and measure how much had fallen each day for a week. We had great fun doing this!